ERP system with vision

GUS-OS Suite

GUS-OS Suite: ERP system with vision for the process industry

The GUS-OS Suite is a workflow-based, process-oriented ERP system that directly addresses the high requirements of the process industry. The holistic ERP software solution is based on over 40 years of know-how and practical experience, primarily from the pharmaceutical, medical technology, chemical , cosmetics, food and beverage, and logistics industries. The GUS-OS Suite has been developed around quality-oriented processes and supports the fulfillment of all regulatory requirements.

With the GUS-OS Suite, your business processes can be mapped holistically. In doing so, we focus on the specifics of your company and act process-oriented instead of document-oriented. The modular structure, the flexible control and the numerous predefined workflow processes support you optimally in the orchestration of your business processes.

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GUS OS Suite Group 1050px 60 03072023 - GUS-OS Suite - GUS ERP
qualitaetsmanagement - GUS-OS Suite - GUS ERP

Quality management

The GUS-OS Suite ensures that all quality- and value-related data is tracked throughout the entire lifecycle of a batch - from the creation of item master data, through the preparation, receipt, reservation, and disposition of a raw material, bulk, or end product, to its sale or marketing. Consistent batch origin and usage records ensure that every batch purchased or produced can be traced back in detail, even in subsequent products, and recalled if necessary.


The GUS-OS Suite supports purchasing in the management and processing of orders for raw materials, packaging materials and merchandise as well as for overhead materials, services and capital goods. In addition to maintaining prices and conditions and master contracts, detailed supplier evaluations can be performed. An approval process for sources of supply ensures that orders can only be placed with verified suppliers. The integration of contract manufacturers is also covered. Incoming documents are recorded via the central invoice receipt book. Goods receipts can be cleared in the invoice receipt.

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sales sales control wabe - GUS-OS Suite - GUS ERP

Sales & Sales Management

The GUS OS Suite enables the smooth control of all processes related to the processing of customer orders. Thus, the sales office is optimally supported in the creation of quotations, order entry, order processing, invoicing and creation of statistics. In addition, the system manages the processing of returns and complaints and thus accelerates the processes. The GUS-OS Suite can also be used to map the most complex organizational structures, for example in retail chains. The prices and conditions customary in the industry (WKZ) can also be conveniently stored here, as can service agreements and framework contracts. The maintenance of a supply index is supported as well as the consideration of boycott lists. Last but not least, the GUS OS-Suite enables the automatic calculation of bonuses, commissions and freight costs as well as, for example, the calculation of packaging fees for the "green dot".


The GUS-OS Suite supports manufacturing in particular in the management and processing of production orders for standard articles and variants. Also anchored in the production module are the manufacturing instructions, with which both work steps and operations as well as required components are defined and in-process controls can be triggered. Production control is based on approved production proposals from upstream material requirements planning and manually created production orders.

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materials management wabe - GUS-OS Suite - GUS ERP

Materials Management & Logistics

The GUS-OS Materials Management module, together with Inventory Management, forms the foundation of the GUS-OS Suite, especially for material requirements planning as well as for the operational functions of purchasing, production and sales. Thus, you achieve an optimal orchestration and holistic mapping of all relevant workflows and processes. The batch-related inventory management also allows the management of stocks in several dimensions (e.g. QC status and warehouse/location). For each batch, the system calculates and monitors the QC release date, remaining shelf life, expiration dates or BBDs. In addition, the system generally differentiates between physical (on hand), logically combined and available or reserved stock.

Business Analytics & Controlling

As a modern ERP system, the GUS OS Suite not only supports you in managing your operative business. At the same time, the GUS OS Suite is a valuable data source for your corporate planning. Because it is becoming increasingly important for companies to organize their internal planning process in such a way that future simulations can be carried out faster and more precisely on the basis of current actual data. We provide various modules to optimize your planning processes.

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Planning & Forecast

Integrated planning with a high degree of forecasting accuracy allows processes to be controlled efficiently throughout the entire supply chain, all the way to sales, thus reducing costs. With the GUS-OS Suite, this task succeeds optimally. While the GUS-OS planning module supports material and capacity planning, the GUS-OS forecast module handles sales and sales planning as well as primary demand management. The special challenges of the process industry are accurately taken into account. Thus, capacity utilization and material requirements can be forecast, and optimization potentials also become transparent. These are the best prerequisites for maintaining your company's ability to deliver and its liquidity.

Finance & Accounting

GUS-OS Finance is a process-oriented solution for accounting, which is oriented towards the typical business processes of companies in the process industry, of different sizes and legal forms. It includes the task areas of financial accounting, asset accounting and cost accounting and can be extended with functions such as GUS-OS Costing, business analysis (analytics and KPI) as part of the GUS-OS Suite. Due to the integration with the ERP system, the operative data is also available in the accounting system.

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document management wabe - GUS-OS Suite - GUS ERP

Document Management & Collaboration

With the GUS OS-Suite, data and documents can be managed in a benefit-oriented, flexible and collaborative manner. Especially when it comes to critical processes with undesired effects on environment, health and safety (SOP, Standard Operating Procedure), the GUS OS-Suite supports you optimally. For example, the GUS-OS Document Management module takes control of the creation, revision and release of controlled documents and enables collaboration within teams. Furthermore, the module offers a holistic mapping of the processes of digital document processing, archiving up to certificate management.

Networking & Integration

A smooth interaction of people, processes, systems and machines, both internally and externally, is crucial for success and indispensable for modern companies in the process industry. With the GUS OS Suite, you get a flexible and connectable system with an excellent workflow engine for optimal process control. No matter whether on-premise, hybrid or in the cloud. You retain full control over the release of workflows, individual design options and administration. With the GUS-OS Digital HUB, you also get your ERP system to-go. This way, you can also control your processes on the go, without installing additional software products.

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lifecyclemanagement wabe - GUS-OS Suite - GUS ERP

Life Cycle Management

With the GUS OS-Suite it is possible to integrate all information around the life cycle of your products seamlessly and flexibly. Thus, you create the best structural conditions for a successful and agile product management. We keep a close eye on current industry developments and always keep our software up-to-date. In addition, we ensure the performance of our software through regular performance tests. Beyond the standard, individual adaptations are also possible. For example, certain functions can be implemented on your own with the help of the GUS Developer license.

Workflow management

The application-integrated workflow management makes it possible to model business processes with a graphical designer and to control them in a documented and flexible manner. In this way, the system ensures that business processes are carried out in accordance with the currently valid Standard Operating Procedures. More than 1,000 preconfigured and standardized processes and sub-processes are already included in the GUS-OS Suite, which can be assembled into an overall process in just a few steps and can also be fully customized. Without any programming knowledge.

workflowmanagement wabe - GUS-OS Suite - GUS ERP

Process-oriented complete solution orchestrates the interaction of your processes

The GUS-OS Suite provides all necessary modules for the holistic control of your processes. The modules of the GUS-OS Suite are harmoniously coordinated with each other so that your workflows can be mapped without gaps and without friction losses. The GUS-OS Suite is also flexible, modular and expandable as needed.

The core of the suite is the GUS-OS ERP: Enterprise Resource Planning module. This allows you to control all core business processes - from purchasing and production to sales and distribution. Without media discontinuity and completely digital. With the costing module, you also achieve the necessary cost transparency in all areas of the company through cost unit accounting based on flexible costing schemes. In conjunction with fully integrated financial accounting including asset accounting and cost accounting, a complex laboratory solution for quality management as well as modules for document management and business analytics, virtually all tasks in the company are actively supported.

The range of services is rounded off, for example, by integrated corporate planning for a high degree of forecasting accuracy by means of a periodic budgeted income statement, or also by goods origin and preference calculation for trade with partners in countries with which the EU has concluded corresponding economic agreements.

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100% investment security and flexibility


Local installation on your corporate servers:

  • High investment protection
  • full platform independence
  • Always up to date through regular updates from the cloud


Combination of cloud solution & local installation:

  • Smooth networking
  • External access and provision of services via the cloud
  • Critical data remains on internal systems

Cloud / SaaS

Operation of the GUS-OS Suite by GUS in the cloud:

  • No administration effort
  • No investment in hardware and software necessary
  • Flexible and scalable
  • Access at any time from any place
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Predefined workflows support you in holistic company management

The GUS-OS Suite not only meets the high safety and quality requirements in the process industry, but also actively supports you in optimizing your processes with a unique workflow designer. We do not think in terms of documents, but rather in terms of processes, i.e. we consider documents as the result of successfully completed process operations. In this way, defined business processes can be optimally modeled, documented and flexibly controlled. The system ensures that business processes are carried out in accordance with the currently valid Standard Operating Procedures.

In addition, the GUS-OS Suite already comes with more than 1,000 preconfigured and standardized processes that can be assembled into an overall process in just a few steps and can also be fully customized. Without any programming knowledge. The learning curve is also short. The user interface follows the standards that users are already familiar with.

They can put together work interfaces and dashboards as they need them - supported by so-called "control centers" that assist with visual decision-making aids.

In short: The GUS-OS Suite can be used as a solution building block with which companies can control their entire value creation in an end-to-end integrated and yet flexible manner. The GUS-OS Suite provides support for important challenges such as short development cycles, multi-stage manufacturing processes, restrictive legal requirements and strict certifications. With the GUS-OS Suite, companies in the process industry can master all these challenges more easily, quickly and economically - especially when regulations differ from country to country and change frequently.

Consistent batch orientation ensures the quality of your data

Thanks to the strict batch orientation, all quality and value-related data can be tracked over the entire life cycle of a batch with the help of the GUS-OS Suite - from the creation of the article master data to the preparation, receipt, reservation and availability of a raw material, bulk or end product, to the sale or placing on the market. Consistent batch origin and usage records ensure that every batch purchased or produced can be meticulously traced and possibly recalled, even in subsequent products.

Seamless networking guarantees easy relationship management with all relevant stakeholders

Many company processes extend beyond the company's own borders, especially to partners and customers. That is why the GUS-OS Suite does not stop at company boundaries. The cloud-based GUS-OS Digital Hub Service makes individually selected processes accessible outside the company. Customers, suppliers, mobile employees and even machines and IT systems can be easily integrated into the GUS-OS environment. At the same time, the systems remain secure and the data protected. This is because master or transaction data remains consistently under lock and key. Even beyond that, no sensitive data is stored in the cloud. Only the parts of the GUS-OS Suite necessary for communication are opened to the outside. And the communication is, of course, completely encrypted. The GUS-OS Suite acts as the central control center: All functions and access rights can be conveniently administered in one place.

Feature Pack 7.0 of the GUS-OS Suite

With Feature Pack 7.0, the latest version of the GUS-OS Suite is now available. Besides additional modules, it offers a multitude of new functions. Highlights of the Feature Pack are the comprehensively modernized user interface and the optimized update procedure. The GUS-OS Digital Hub Service has also been further expanded. The cloud-based service now offers extended display options as well as new, ready-made solution modules to improve communication with the field service.

Entry into digitization

The GUS-OS Digital Hub Service is a cloud-based service that allows you to individually make the processes of your GUS-OS Suite accessible outside your company. Business partners and external employees can interact directly with your ERP system, retrieve, set and update data via the web app. Get to know our Digital Hub now!

Mastering challenges in the process industry

Short development cycles, multi-stage manufacturing processes, restrictive legal requirements, strict certification requirements, and high demands on quality and environmental management: This poses major challenges for companies in the process industry and their IT systems
- especially since legal and industry-specific requirements and regulations differ from country to country and change frequently. With the GUS-OS Suite, we provide a modular solution with which companies can control complex processes across the entire value network in a consistent, integrated and yet flexible manner thanks to fully integrated workflow management. Find out how this works in our module information.
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