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International competition, increased consumer demands and growing regulatory requirements characterize the requirements of companies in the cosmetic and cosmetic-pharmaceutical industry. They have to react faster than before to price-sensitive market demand. Short development cycles, streamlined production methods and reliable process flows, different trade structures and sales campaigns have to be organized.

The GUS-OS Suite enables cosmetics manufacturers to meet the quality requirements for both products and packaging in equal measure. The special features and wishes, as well as the particular cost sensitivity of the distribution channels are also included.

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Maximum flexibility to adapt to market conditions

A short-term adaptation of the product portfolio to changing market conditions is associated with a variety of challenges, which the process-oriented solution kit GUS-OS Suite covers in its entirety:

  • Holistic process control in the supply chain
  • Fast and easy format changeover by means of user-friendly process modeling (workflow engine)
  • Planning and management of article/container/packaging variants and dosage forms
  • Multi-level recipe management with version management
  • Multi-level batch-oriented proofs of origin and where-used lists
  • Declarations according to INCI and IFRA guidelines
  • Consistent documentation of all business processes

From active ingredient testing to quality control during production, from formulation to batch, from expiration date to best before date, almost all contingencies of the cosmetics industry are met.

Constant readiness for delivery ensured with GUS-OS Suite

Helmut Dupp
Dr. Grandel GmbH

With its premium brands, Dr. Grandel GmbH revives the joy of being beautiful and healthy every day. The internationally active beauty company relies on its own laboratories, its own production and logistics, and its own sales force.

The demands on process handling are very high. With the GUS-OS Suite, the company sees itself prepared for the future.


  • Multi-level recipe management
  • Holistic process control in the supply chain
  • Fast format changes
  • Simple batch tracing
  • Consistent documentation

Well positioned in sales and competition

In addition, framework agreements and organizational structures ranging from direct sales to agencies/institutes and wholesalers/retailers can be mapped flexibly. Convenient evaluations via key performance indicators (KPI) and business intelligence analyses show at any time where the company stands, which bottlenecks exist or are emerging, and what the profitability is.

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A cosmetics ERP software is a specialized enterprise resource planning (ERP) system tailored to the needs of cosmetics companies. It supports the management of processes such as product development, procurement, manufacturing, warehousing and distribution.

Specialized cosmetics ERP software is important because it is tailored to the specific needs and challenges of the cosmetics industry. It helps manage processes such as product development, sourcing, manufacturing, warehousing and distribution, and assists with industry regulations and standards to maximize your company's efficiency and compliance.

A good ERP software for the cosmetics industry should offer functions such as raw material management, quality management, production planning and control, warehouse management, sales management, financial management and compliance management. These functions enable your company to efficiently manage the entire production process and ensure compliance with regulations and standards.

CIS ERP software for cosmetics can increase efficiency in your business by streamlining operational processes, improving the flow of information between different departments, and facilitating the planning and management of resources. By automating routine tasks and providing real-time data for informed decision-making, our ERP cosmetics software can help increase productivity and reduce costs

Yes, GUS ERP cosmetics software is designed to integrate seamlessly with your existing IT infrastructure and ensure high compatibility with other systems.

Yes, CIS ERP Cosmetics software is flexible and customizable to meet the unique needs of your business. It offers a wide range of modules and functions, as well as hundreds of preconfigured business processes that can be tailored to your specific business needs.

CIS ERP software for the cosmetics industry supports compliance with regulations and standards by providing integrated functions for quality management (including a laboratory system), traceability and document management. These functions enable you to ensure the quality of your products, track the origin of raw materials and NCI data, have all necessary documents and certificates ready for audits and inspections, and keep track of relevant processes and requirements and minimize compliance risks.

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Curious about the GUS-OS Suite? In our Look & Feel Video you will get a first insight into the heart of our ERP system and gain valuable impressions about an industry-appropriate use. 

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