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As different as the companies in the food and beverage industry are: In order to stand up to competitive pressure and the dynamics of the procurement and sales markets, the business processes must be right. Transparent cost management and high product quality are required.

High process and product quality with optimized cost structures

This is where the GUS-OS Suite comes in: Whether dairy production, meat products, fast food, frozen products, baked goods or fruit juices - thanks to 40 years of project experience in the food industry, numerous best practice processes are already included in the GUS-OS Suite and can be configured independently. In addition, many specific requirements of the food industry are included in the standard, such as

  • Product passport (including declaration with allergens and ingredients)
  • Multi-level recipe management with version management
  • Condition management / settlement with LEH (EDI, bonuses, discounts, etc.)
  • Product development
  • Recipe costing with flexible contribution margin schemes
  • Packaging version management
  • Batch analyses at all levels
  • Batch documentation and multilevel batch origin and destination record
  • Integrated corporate planning through synchronization of sales, production, procurement and financial planning

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Food ERP Software

End-to-end process control

mymuesli Flatter - GUS-OS Suite - GUS ERP

"Among other things, the GUS OS-Suite convinces with an integrated process control in production, in recipe, B2B and retail management as well as in logistics. Web capability and platform independence guarantee fast availability."

Ulrich Flatter

IT Manager at mymuesli


  • Recipe management
  • Recipe calculation
  • Food Logistics
  • Batch reservation
  • Contract management with LEH

Free webinar - Process-driven audit management as a key success factor in the quality management system of the process industry on November 24, 2022 at 10:00 a.m.

A flexible, software-supported audit management system that takes into account supplier, customer, internal and external audits can support those responsible in a variety of ways: e.g. in the creation of new audits, the coordination of employees and auditors, the assignment of tasks, the definition of audit times, the creation of checklists, the execution of audits, the recording of results, the generation of deviations and corresponding corrective measures, and the creation of corresponding documentation and quality records.

Your added value:

  • Outlook for the digital transformation of audit management
  • Support through workflow-driven audit management
  • Use of templates and copy templates
  • Easy coordination and preparation of an audit
  • Transparent evaluation of measures and results
  • Reduction of administrative effort and transparency in processes
  • Minimization of error rates and media discontinuities

More references

The GUS solutions in use: Take a look at our references from the food sector! 

Gelati Gasparini ice cream factory

Gelati Gasparini

The production division of the Borchers Group, bojati food, was already using the GUS-OS Suite when its sales sister borchers fine food had to switch to self-picking in its central warehouse within a few months. The specialist for delicatessen and trend food therefore decided on an integrated solution and also introduced GUS-OS at borchers fine food.

borchers fine food

borchers fine food

The production division of the Borchers Group, bojati food, was already using the GUS-OS Suite. The specialist for delicatessen and trend food therefore decided on an integrated solution and also introduced GUS-OS at borchers fine food.

Meray Fresh Nuts Ltd - GUS-OS Suite - GUS ERP

Fresh Nuts Ltd.

Fresh Nuts GmbH's business with traditionally oriental roasted nuts is booming. At the same time, increasingly unstable supply chains are making production planning more and more difficult. This is one of the reasons why Fresh Nuts has introduced the GUS-OS Suite, which supports the rapid growth through automated processes.

Raclette Cellar Copy - GUS-OS Suite - GUS ERP

natürli zürioberland ag

natürli zürioberland ag has been successful for almost 30 years with the distribution and sale of cheese from the Zurich mountain region. To manage its steady growth, the company relies on the GUS-OS Suite. With it, it now has a secure IT foundation for its business in the coming years.

Food Leiber - GUS-OS Suite - GUS ERP


The beer yeast specialist Leiber GmbH relies on the standards of the central ERP solution GUS-OS Suite on the one hand and on third-party solutions and in-house developments on the other hand for its comprehensive digitization. In the process, the ERP always acts as an integration platform that ties all systems and functions together.

eisbaer fuerstpueckler stileis1 - GUS-OS Suite - GUS ERP

Polar bear ice

A fully automated high-bay warehouse accelerates processes at Eisbär Eis. The ice cream specialist controls and monitors all workflows via the GUS-OS Suite: from storage to delivery - and thus has the IT basis for further growth.


Mapping of all industry standards and food regulations

The requirements of the LMIV (Food Information Regulation) are consistently fulfilled through the automated creation of ingredient lists (declaration) including allergen information at product level. The GUS-OS Suite also ensures compliance with industry standards such as IFS, BRC or the corresponding EU regulations on traceability, food information or packaging.

Smart minds for intelligent solutions in the food industry

Our consultants have in-depth industry and specialist knowledge and, in some cases, many years of management experience in your industry. Our aim is to develop and implement sustainable solutions and improvements for your company. At the same time, we are happy to relieve your IT department and provide assistance with our IT/infrastructure consulting to ensure high performance, scalability and stability in ongoing operations at all times.

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