Feature Pack 7.0 is here!

The new package offers a user interface that has been modernized from the ground up, as well as a host of new features:

Improved update procedures for ERP and Finance

With the new Feature Pack 7.0, updates are much easier to perform. GUS-OS ERP and GUS-OS Finance can now be updated together, as the update processes have been merged. As of the new Feature Pack, Finance updates are also released in the standard update stream. Package documentation will also be done in the same way in the future, so detailed descriptions of enhancements and changes will also be available in Finance.

More comfort through new GUI

The new Feature Pack 7.0 is characterized above all by a modernization of the user interface. Thanks to the fresh, modern UI design, the user benefits from a much clearer display and can make individual settings very conveniently. The functionality of the individual format types, such as grid and control center, has not been changed in the new UI design. The only exception is the entry panel, where a scroll mimic has been added. The main changes to the user interface have been made in the following areas:

  • Menu
  • Toolbar
  • Favorites
  • TABS
  • Entry panel
  • Previews

New modules

The following additional functionalities will be offered in the standard in the future:

  • GUS-OS Investment planning
  • GUS-OS Forecast weekly schedule
  • GUS-OS OCR Connector

More security and compliance

Higher efficiency through secure processes:

  • New checklist functions
  • UDI for the medical devices
  • Release processes for blanket orders and contracts
  • Boycott List Review
  • Format check
  • GDPR

Improved quality management:

For the consistent implementation of strict industry requirements:

  • Certificate management
  • COC Declaration of Conformity
  • Test equipment management
  • Supplier evaluation


For high cost control through precise calculation:

  • Messages in the calculation
  • Multi-item costing
  • Evaluation procedure supplier conditions

New industry functions

More potential for improved business processes:

  • Product development and product data management
  • History on the production order
  • Repeatability of batch inheritance
  • Transport orders from picking
  • Integration of decentralized planning into the planning board
  • New order types for the control and processing of returns and complaints

Compliance with legal requirements

Meet current requirements:

  • New requirements for Intrastat
  • XInvoice
  • VAT digital package
  • QR invoices (for Switzerland
GUSOS FeaturePack 7.0 1 scaled 1 - GUS-OS Suite - GUS ERP

Brochure Download

The brochure with detailed information on the new Feature Pack is available for download in the customer portal.

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