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With the GUS OS-Suite, data and documents can be managed in a benefit-oriented, flexible and collaborative manner. Especially when it comes to critical processes with undesired effects on environment, health and safety (SOP, Standard Operating Procedure), the GUS OS-Suite supports you optimally. For example, the GUS-OS Document Management module takes control of the creation, revision and release of controlled documents and enables collaboration within teams. Furthermore, the module offers a holistic mapping of the processes of digital document processing, archiving up to certificate management.
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Certificate management

The Bit GUS-OS certificate management feature offers the possibility to store, release and monitor both certifications of business partners (e.g. supplier certifications) and own certifications requested by business partners (e.g. customers) in the system.


With GUS-OS Archive, any documents can be created, viewed, directed and archived from practically all application areas of the GUS-OS Suite. Thus, business-related documents and images are carried along the business processes. They are thus always available at the click of a mouse when they are needed. 

Digital document processing

The GUS-OS OCR-Connector optimizes your invoice processes. In cooperation with our OCR partner, the incoming invoice document entry is digitized without breaks. This way, work steps can be significantly shortened and careless errors can be avoided. Many of the steps that had to be done manually without OCR software are now performed automatically by the system. Sources of error can be minimized, resulting in higher data quality. The implementation of the digital invoice process also reduces the time it takes to process invoice data in the GUS-OS Suite.

Document control

With GUS-OS Document Management, a module is available that enables the control for the creation, revision and release of controlled documents (especially SOP's). Thus, a smooth and collaborative document management is ensured. 


With the integrated chat function, a collaboration tool is available in GUS-OS, with which conversations can be held with colleagues about specific business objects (e.g. sales order or complaint). The chat history can be viewed at any time via the respective process (even for non-participants). This means that all relevant information about a transaction is bundled in one place in the ERP system. At the same time, transparency is increased. 

Print Client

The printing solution of the GUS-OS product family - GUS PrintClient - is a 100% Java solution and is built on the open source products JasperReports and JasperReportStudio. GUS PrintClient handles tasks such as separating the print application from the print rendering, printing directly to paper, printing forms as PDF or HTML files, and sending forms as e-mail. The local printing of forms is generated on the server side and carried out automatically in a decentralized manner without manual program operation.

Mastering challenges in the process industry

Short development cycles, multi-stage manufacturing processes, restrictive legal requirements, strict certification requirements, and high demands on quality and environmental management: This poses major challenges for companies in the process industry and their IT systems
- especially since legal and industry-specific requirements and regulations differ from country to country and change frequently. With the GUS-OS Suite, we provide a modular solution with which companies can control complex processes across the entire value network in a consistent, integrated and yet flexible manner thanks to fully integrated workflow management. Find out how this works in our module information.
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Feature Pack 7.0 of the GUS-OS Suite

With Feature Pack 7.0, the latest version of the GUS-OS Suite is now available. Besides additional modules, it offers a multitude of new functions. Highlights of the Feature Pack are the comprehensively modernized user interface and the optimized update procedure. The GUS-OS Digital Hub Service has also been further expanded. The cloud-based service now offers extended display options as well as new, ready-made solution modules to improve communication with the field service.

Entry into digitization

The GUS-OS Digital Hub Service is a cloud-based service that allows you to individually make the processes of your GUS-OS Suite accessible outside your company. Business partners and external employees can interact directly with your ERP system, retrieve, set and update data via the web app. Get to know our Digital Hub now!

The GUS-OS Suite in use

Gelati Gasparini ice cream factory

Gelati Gasparini

With the flexible and scalable GUS-OS Suite, the ice cream manufacturer Gelati Gasparini manages order peaks even in hot record summers. Transparent inventories and largely automated processes from purchasing to sales improve production planning and process control.

borchers fine food

borchers fine food

The production division of the Borchers Group, bojati food, was already using the GUS-OS Suite. The specialist for delicatessen and trend food therefore decided on an integrated solution and also introduced GUS-OS at borchers fine food.

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