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The GUS-OS Suite supports manufacturing in particular in the management and processing of production orders for standard articles and variants. Also anchored in the production module are the manufacturing instructions, with which both work steps and operations as well as required components are defined and in-process controls can be triggered. Production control is based on approved production proposals from upstream material requirements planning and manually created production orders.

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The GUS-OS MES module - Manufacturing Execution System - supports the timely and immediate control of production orders in the GUS-OS Suite. The scan dialogs allow quick material bookings for provision at the machine as well as for consumption and access. Simple time recording is also provided here - important for the subsequent post-calculation of production orders. In-process controls with periodically recurring tests are also possible through integration of the laboratory functions. 


The GUS-OS Planning module supplements the GUS-OS Suite with the functionalities of a planning board in a Gantt-like graphical interface. The planning board is used to graphically display the capacities / resources and their allocation by production orders / activities within the ERP system and to give the user the possibility to change them interactively. The GUS-OS Planning uses the data structures of the production module of the GUS-OS Suite.


With GUS-OS IHW (maintenance and servicing), all scheduled inspections and maintenance work on installations and equipment as well as unscheduled repairs can be controlled in the operational process. It is possible to manage both the company's own machinery and customer installations - regardless of whether the equipment is sold or rented.

Manufacturing instructions

With the manufacturing instructions in production, the process descriptions for production are recorded. They contain information about the composition of the products, describe the necessary steps for production and integrate the in-process controls into the sequence. The manufacturing instructions can be kept for a product in different versions and variants. Production according to these manufacturing instructions is only possible after prior approval.

Product costing

The costing functions in production enable contribution margin accounting, standard costing, production order costing with corresponding target/actual comparisons as well as wage manufacturing costing. This allows you to keep a close eye on product costs and make well-founded strategic decisions on this basis. 

Mastering challenges in the process industry

Short development cycles, multi-stage manufacturing processes, restrictive legal requirements, strict certification requirements, and high demands on quality and environmental management: This poses major challenges for companies in the process industry and their IT systems
- especially since legal and industry-specific requirements and regulations differ from country to country and change frequently. With the GUS-OS Suite, we provide a modular solution with which companies can control complex processes across the entire value network in a consistent, integrated and yet flexible manner thanks to fully integrated workflow management. Find out how this works in our module information.
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Feature Pack 7.0 of the GUS-OS Suite

With Feature Pack 7.0, the latest version of the GUS-OS Suite is now available. Besides additional modules, it offers a multitude of new functions. Highlights of the Feature Pack are the comprehensively modernized user interface and the optimized update procedure. The GUS-OS Digital Hub Service has also been further expanded. The cloud-based service now offers extended display options as well as new, ready-made solution modules to improve communication with the field service.

Entry into digitization

The GUS-OS Digital Hub Service is a cloud-based service that allows you to individually make the processes of your GUS-OS Suite accessible outside your company. Business partners and external employees can interact directly with your ERP system, retrieve, set and update data via the web app. Get to know our Digital Hub now!

The GUS-OS Suite in use