Milchwerk Jäger: mouse click instead of paper slips

Jäger dairy plant

When Milchwerk Jäger GmbH's numerous individual IT systems, which had grown over time, reached their limits, the GUS-OS Suite as a cross-company ERP solution came to the rescue.

The Upper Bavarian dairy did not introduce these in one fell swoop, but step by step.

The chance

At Milchwerk Jäger GmbH, the signs have been pointing to expansion in recent years: new foreign markets have been added, most recently mainly in Eastern Europe. Since 2019, the company has also been cooperating with Gmundner Molkerei, which is based in Upper Austria and is now a wholly owned subsidiary. The business grew and so did the demands on the IT systems used in the company. The company's historically grown collection of individual systems proved to be no longer fit for the future. They were only rudimentarily integrated with each other, increasingly prone to errors, based on old database technology and were hardly or no longer developed further by their providers. For this reason, everyone from the company management to the specialist departments and IT finally agreed to introduce an ERP system that was specialized in the process industry and integrated across the board.

IT - rethought

The GUS-OS Suite came out on top in the tendering process, as it is not only tailored to the process industry, but also stands out thanks to its intuitive user interface and the system's very appealing look and feel. The new ERP solution has been rolled out gradually since the beginning of 2019, allowing the team to benefit from its own initial experience with the implementation. The company's purchasing department was the first to go live in March 2020. This was followed by the "go live" of the production processes in March 2022 and a good six months later the third partial go-live with the sales and shipping processes.

Milchwerk Jäger Mozzarella

An unplanned interim project, the IT integration of the new Austrian cooperation partner Gmundner Molkerei, proved to be very helpful in the end: in this way, Milchwerk Jäger and GUS were able to "rehearse" the roll-out planned for Germany on a much smaller scale and thus gain important experience for the more comprehensive implementation of the GUS-OS Suite.

With the GUS-OS Suite, we have a system with which we can produce and work appropriately for our size.

Logo Milchwerk Jäger

Fit for the future

Milchwerk Jäger benefits in particular from the following advantages with the GUS-OS Suite:

  • The GUS-OS Suite is significantly more fail-safe than its predecessor systems at Milchwerk Jäger.
  • The company has transparent business processes and can therefore fulfill the increasing complexity of business requirements more economically and better.
  • The business processes are integrated with each other, eliminating the need for a lot of (partially) manual work.
  • Cross-departmental communication within the company has become easier as all key teams use the same system with the GUS-OS Suite.
  • Thanks to additional programming by GUS, Milchwerk Jäger has a standardized system that is also tailored to the company.
  • The GUS-OS Suite flexibly integrates third-party systems via REST interfaces.
  • Milchwerk Jäger can make many individual settings on the system independently without violating the CIS-OS standard.
  • The further development of the GUS-OS Suite through innovation is secured in the medium and long term thanks to GUS ERP's market position.

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