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Transport Betz Logistik is also pushing ahead with digitalization and automation because it wants to increasingly integrate its business processes with those of its customers. For many years, the company has been pursuing this path on the basis of a standardized ERP system with individual extensions. Over the years, this has grown into a comprehensive logistics solution.

The chance

From the climate-neutral further development of drive types for commercial vehicles to additional burdens from the truck toll and the shortage of skilled workers: Transport Betz Logistik GmbH is confronted with many uncertainties. The future can only be planned to a limited extent for the North Baden-based company. It is therefore focusing, among other things, on the digitalization and automation of more and more operational processes. The GUS-OS Suite, which has been in use as an ERP solution for more than 15 years, was to form the central basis for these projects. It has been repeatedly expanded and reformed over the years and is now to be adapted to meet additional current challenges.

IT - rethought

Transport Betz Logistik has further deepened the integration of the GUS-OS Suite with the ERP system of one large manufacturing customer in particular - especially via interfaces, for example to be able to import data automatically and get away from manual bookings. In this way, Transport Betz Logistik was able to automate many key processes, from the goods receipt side through to complete order picking for supplying production. Examples include automatically generated Kanban labels, automated feedback on individual bookings in the customer system and replenishment.

On the one hand, the GUS-OS Suite already offered standard components that Transport Betz could use directly for these tasks. On the other hand, the logistics company itself continued to drive the growth of the solution in terms of logistics with its individual requirements. For example, the IT, process and project managers at Transport Betz Logistik initially cast their requirements, some of which were very high, into specifications, which were then programmed and tested by the GUS ERP experts.

Fit for the future

With the GUS-OS Suite, Transport Betz Logistik benefits above all from the following advantages:

  • Automated and digitalized operational processes have saved numerous costs and duplicated/multiple efforts.
  • Many potential sources of error have been eliminated and the quality of operating processes has improved.
  • Automated ordering routines not only increase the transparency and flexibility of processes, but also the resilience of the company.
  • The mutual integration of the business systems deepens the cooperation between Transport Betz Logistik and its customers.
  • The introduction of mobile data collection was able to further reduce the already low error rate.
  • The GUS-OS Suite has been running reliably and stably for years despite the many logistical functional enhancements.

The GUS-OS Suite now offers a very comprehensive range of functions for (intra)logistics.

The GUS-OS Suite also comprehensively covers our requirements as a logistics service provider thanks to the many special requirements that have been implemented.

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