Dr. GRANDEL - ERP integration hub

The fast-growing beauty provider DR. GRANDEL has been relying on the GUS-OS Suite since 2014.

The chance

DR. GRANDEL networks all key value-added processes with the GUS-OS Suite. The spectrum of processes ranges from sales, scheduling, purchasing, materials management, production and shipping to laboratory information and quality management. This gives the company access to all data generated during the order process. The resulting transparency helps both the employees in day-to-day business and the management in rolling out new business strategies. The most recent example is the expansion of the online business, which primarily addresses the needs of end consumers and cosmetics institutes. In order to prepare the information required for this appropriately, DR. GRANDEL uses a software architecture in which all IT systems involved in the online business work together. Specifically, these are the ERP solution, the product information management system (PIM) and the company's webshop software.

IT - rethought

The ERP system is the leading instance. From there, the product master data flows to the PIM, where it is enriched with marketing-specific information and sent to the web store. In some cases, the store also accesses the ERP system directly. For example, when it comes to determining customer-specific prices and discounts. When orders are placed in the store, it automatically transfers the order data to the ERP, where the complete order processing takes place, from order acceptance to dispatch and final invoicing. The quality of the fully integrated solution has contributed to a significant increase in the share of online sales in the company's overall business over the past two years. The cosmetics institute sector has recorded particularly high growth. Here, more than half of the customers now process their orders via the fully integrated store.

Fit for the future

DR. GRANDEL benefits in particular from the following advantages with the GUS-OS Suite:

  • Standard workflows and the workflow engine make it possible to model business processes almost without additional programming
  • The flexible and easy customization of the standard workflows has also accelerated the implementation of the webshop
  • Thanks to the open interface standard REST, the GUS-OS Suite serves as an integration hub that reliably integrates third-party systems
  • Thanks to end-to-end process integration, DR. GRANDEL has access to all the data that is generated during the order process.
  • DR. GRANDEL benefits from an integrated planning and control system that fully covers the company's value chain
  • With the help of the GUS-OS Suite, DR. GRANDEL can drive forward the integration of its business processes without compromising its entrepreneurial strengths
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"With the GUS-OS Suite, we are flexible enough to continuously optimize our business processes. This in turn secures the further growth of our company."

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