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Kiesel Bauchemie GmbH & Co.KG develops, produces and sells laying materials for all types of floor coverings, such as fillers, adhesives and jointing compounds. The company sees itself as a leading technical supplier that also convinces its customers with innovations.

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More than 25 years of experience in the use of high-energy radiation is offered by BGS Beta-Gamma-Service, which specializes in radiation crosslinking and radiation sterilization.

By connecting the GUS-OS Suite to our electron accelerators for the refinement and sterilization of high-quality products, we are realizing the vision of Industry 4.0.

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ERC Additiv GmbH specializes in additives for the fuel, combustibles and lubricants sector. These additives are used, among other things, in heating systems and in automobiles. There is a wide variety of additives with properties that improve the efficiency, performance and service life of machines and engines. All are developed, tested and produced by ERC in Germany. In its own production plant, ERC Additiv has all the facilities to fill hazardous substances in accordance with legal requirements. The company also offers its experience and technical facilities to its customers for the filling of hazardous materials.

With the GUS-OS Suite, we have many high-quality key figures at our disposal - for longer-term business forecasts or extended production planning, for example. So the potential of the new ERP solution is far from exhausted.

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Whether liquid or solid form, such as tablets, powder - Gechem manufactures products either according to its own formulations or to specified formulations and also develops customer-specific formulations. The range of services extends from production and filling, through purchasing and scheduling of raw materials and packaging materials, to delivery.

Buck Powder GmbH is a specialized service provider and supplier for solid detergents, cleaning products and industrial mixtures in the form of automated or manual packaging of powders, piece goods and other products from our own or external development in creative packaging and production processes.

IKA Innovative Kunststoffaufbereitung GmbH & Co. KG develops, manufactures and sells stabilizers for the PVC processing industry. IKA specializes in the production of stabilizers for window profiles, foamed profiles, technical profiles and sheets made of rigid PVC.

The company Dr. Franz Köhler Chemie GmbH specializes in organ-protective solutions, vascular-protective solutions, therapeutics, X-ray contrast agents and antidotes.

The Schomburg Group develops, produces and distributes system building materials for the national and international market. The product range covers building materials for structural waterproofing and repair, tiling and natural stone installation, screed laying, civil engineering, surface protection systems and concrete technology.

Magnesia GmbH supplies worldwide and just in time high-quality magnesium and calcium compounds for the pharmaceutical, food, cosmetics and chemical-technical industries.

Weserland GmbH specializes in the production and development of aqueous dispersions and compounds for latex vulcanization and compounds for carpet backing for flame retardant and antistatic finishing of e.g. aircraft, automotive, railroad and contract carpets.

Rotoflex AG is a leading supplier of solvent-based gravure and flexographic printing inks, color concentrates and coatings for the food packaging industry in the high quality segment.

Aerosol-Service GmbH is a specialist in the development and filling of sprays of all kinds. Customers include industry leaders, as well as many companies of special products at home and abroad.

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