Process-oriented QM in the food industry - ERP success factor


With the growing challenges to quality standards due to changes in consumer behavior and the special situation following the pandemic, companies in the food industry in particular would be well advised to realign their strategy.

    Flexibility, resilience and modern quality management are essential throughout the entire process organization. How can quality be guaranteed and even improved in the face of abruptly changing business processes? And what systemic support does quality management need in order to successfully implement a realignment of the company organization? These challenges can be adequately mastered with the introduction of process-oriented ERP software with an integrated QM system. Find out how this works and what added value can be generated in our free webinar. 

    Focal points at a glance

    • Advantages of a process-controlled ERP system from the point of view of quality management
    • Quality assurance and quality control with:
      • Supplier evaluation and qualification
      • Quality compliant inventory management
      • Returns and complaints management
      • Integrated product data management and laboratory system
      • Batch monitoring with proof of origin and use


    Your added value

    • You will learn how you can be supported by an ERP system with integrated QM in line with industry requirements
    • You gain deep insight into how to optimally control your QM processes
    • You receive industry-specific insights into how fully integrated quality management can improve your processes and minimize media disruptions

    Organizational details

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