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11 of the TOP 100 partners of the food trade*

Sales management for the food retail industry

Maintain and manage your master data in our Windows-based software GUS AISbase and use it to control your field sales force.
Our mobile application GUS AISsellcom for the field sales force can be used as desired on a Windows tablet or on an iPad. Use the functions it contains for operational sales management, such as visit planning, visit preparation and visit documentation.
Our reporting and BI tool supports you in strategic decision-making.

11 of the TOP 100 partners of the food trade in Germany use the sales management software of GUS AIS.*

*Source: Deutsche Lebensmittelzeitung, Issue 39, September 29, 2023, size according to net sales.

Visit planning

Fast and effective planning of your customer visits

Visit planning in GUS AISsellcom allows you to easily plan taking into account the current visit specifications and activities in GUS AIS. The integrated map from Google Maps gives you an ideal overview as well as an optimal route calculation and selection.

"The Visit Scheduling Assistant delivers what it promises. It supports our sales force in its weekly customer visit and appointment planning in an ideal way: Fast, reliable and flexible - and very effective to boot. The application is simple and easy to understand."

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visit preparation 1 - GUS-OS Suite - GUS ERP

Visit preparation

Save valuable time before the customer appointment

By preparing a customer visit using the GUS AIS Visit Preparation Report, you will be informed about your customer in no time. The visit preparation contains information about new listings, not guided, out of stock and changed orders as well as guided listing modules. Furthermore, you always keep an eye on all current and upcoming promotions.


Control your passages with GUS AIS

With GUS AIS, you can record your passages in a customer-oriented way and evaluate them in a further step. Use the comprehensive possibilities of the passage analysis and discover new potentials of your individual products.

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distribution 1 - GUS-OS Suite - GUS ERP


Expand your market potential in a targeted manner

Define your store checks and visit reports according to individual criteria and thus provide your sales force with a uniform form for processing. Predefined fields such as Facing, OoS and LVP are available by default. You also have the option of collecting competitor information in order to determine your market position and expand it by analyzing distribution gaps.

"Distribution survey with GUS AIS - the basis for effective AD control without administrative overhead. Simple and efficient. Fast and target-oriented."


Recognize developments and trends at an early stage and thus make targeted decisions

Our reporting supports you with simplified graphics and tables to illustrate complex issues. The traffic light color coding enables you to quickly assess the target/actual values.

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point of sale 1 - GUS-OS Suite - GUS ERP

Point of Sale (PoS)

Increase awareness of your products through targeted PoS measures

Plan all your activities such as advertising lady inserts, tastings, displays and secondary placements, among others, in GUS AIS and check the implementation with an integrated photo documentation.

You can then evaluate and compare your measures individually with regard to sales and the associated increase in turnover.

Actions / Promotion

Control your actions profitably

Control your promotions by specifying planned and promotional quantities and prices, among other things. Control the implementation and success of promotions and create transparency based on visit and sales quotas.

actions 1 - GUS-OS Suite - GUS ERP