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RfB - the Reference Institute for Bioanalytics, is one of the two German proficiency testing organizations officially commissioned by the German Medical Association to carry out proficiency testing for external quality control. The offer includes over 100 different proficiency testing systems in the entire field of laboratory medicine.

Dr. Caroline Stobe
Foundation for Pathobiochemistry and Molecular Diagnostics

Since 1663, REGENA AG has stood for the quality of REGENAPLEXE, homeopathic complex remedies that are widely used in REGENA therapy. With the principle Open - Purify - Regenerate, pathological metabolic processes are to be addressed.

Cécile Mandefield

Magnesia GmbH supplies worldwide and just in time high-quality magnesium and calcium compounds for the pharmaceutical, food, cosmetics and chemical-technical industries.

Johann Studtmann
Magnesia GmbH

CP-Pharma Handelsgesellschaft GmbH is one of the leading veterinary pharmaceutical companies in Germany. The customer base consists exclusively of practicing veterinarians, veterinary clinics and universities.

Jens-Uwe Martsekis
CP Pharma GmbH

Finzelberg is one of the world's leading manufacturers of phytopharmaceutical extracts, offering nutritional supplements as well as comprehensive services for pharmaceutical products from their development to their approval.

Frank Heim
Finzelberg GmbH

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BioNTech is a next-generation immunotherapy company pioneering the development of therapies for cancer and other serious diseases, as well as vaccines against infectious diseases. The company combines a variety of innovative therapeutic platforms and bioinformatics tools to drive the development of novel biopharmaceuticals.

"Quality, agility and reliability are the prerequisites for taking big steps in new territory in a short time. The successful development and distribution of the vaccine depends on partners who work with us in this highly dynamic environment. GUS supports us with a system that meets the high quality requirements of pharmaceutical logistics and at the same time is flexible enough to adapt to the sometimes rapidly changing conditions. With GUS at our side, we have found the right software partner for this challenge". 

Konrad Jaeger shot 0338 3 - GUS-OS Suite - GUS ERP

When Salus Schweiz AG was founded, the goal was to start with a modern ERP system that was optimally equipped for the future. Operationally, it was set that we would start on 1.6.2021. As a "startup", it was important that the promises of a GxP-safe ERP system, short implementation time and simple migration were also kept. For the selection, I took my time and compared well. GUS Schweiz AG looked after me well and, even with regard to promises, I always had the feeling that the requirements were evaluated and recorded in a practice-oriented manner and not for sales tactical reasons. The GUS-OS Suite was then actually implemented within 6 months including validation. My thanks go to my staff and the leading GUS consultant - it was a challenging and exciting time."

Salus Schweiz AG produces high-quality dietary supplements and medicines. With the help of nature, an extensive range of tonics, teas, drops, elixirs, tablets and much more has been created.

Excella GmbH & Co. KG, based in Feucht, is part of the FAREVA Group and specializes as a contract manufacturer in the development and production of highly effective active pharmaceutical ingredients and finished medicinal products.

Our search for a modern, integrated ERP system that covers the multi-layered, company-wide processes of a medium-sized contract manufacturer in the areas of active ingredients, finished pharmaceuticals, and development as well as supports the constantly increasing quality standards in the pharmaceutical sector led us to the GUS-OS Suite.

urs tschumi g new - GUS-OS Suite - GUS ERP

What we appreciate about the ERP solution from GUS is the complete consistency of our manufacturing processes. These start with us at the procurement - goods receipt - sample train - release etc. up to the final product release and delivery of the goods or invoicing. GUS thus offers solutions for all sub-processes within the entire manufacturing chain of pharmaceuticals and food or cosmetics. What is particularly noteworthy is the simple and very transparent traceability of the processes, which can be viewed easily and with just a few clicks.

JOGA Med AG has 40 years of experience in the production of confectionery for the food and nutritional supplement sector as well as the pharmaceutical sector (pharmaceutical confectionery).

Amino supplies pharmaceutical active ingredients as well as nutrients in first-class quality, produced in state-of-the-art multi-purpose plants. The product range of amino acids is very extensive.

The bela-pharm GmbH & Co. KG, as a family-owned company with over 40 years of market expertise, is one of the most important suppliers of veterinary pharmaceutical products in Germany and abroad.

The product range of Bombastus-Werke includes dietary supplements, finished medicines, homeopathic preparations, cosmetics, essential oils, fragrance and complex compositions, monotees and tea blends, as well as fruit and food teas.

Max Zeller Söhne AG is the leading company in Switzerland in the field of development, production and distribution of evidence-based, herbal medicinal products.

Dentinox Gesellschaft für pharmazeutische Präparate Lenk & Schuppan KG has specialized in pediatric and herbal medicine for 60 years - with a constant focus on dentistry.

Dr. Dünner has been actively serving pharmacies, drugstores, health food stores, doctors and midwives for 60 years. With the Sambu products, the traditional Swiss company also achieved an international breakthrough.

The company Dr. Franz Köhler Chemie GmbH specializes in organ-protective solutions, vascular-protective solutions, therapeutics, X-ray contrast agents and antidotes.

Human is an international supplier of in-vitro diagnostics. The company's goal is to provide a comprehensive range of proven diagnostics of high quality and fair prices.

Gudjons GmbH is a pharmaceutical company with a manufacturing license for homeopathic remedies. The manufacturing process is carried out according to Organon VI - from trituration and potentization to impregnation and filling.

The Hamburg-based pharmaceutical company medac GmbH has specialized in the treatment and diagnosis of oncological, urological and autoimmune diseases since 1970.

Magnesia GmbH supplies worldwide and just in time high-quality magnesium and calcium compounds for the pharmaceutical, food, cosmetics and chemical-technical industries.

As a family-run, independent contract manufacturer, Lichtenheldt GmbH has a long tradition of producing pharmaceuticals and healthcare products beyond the borders of Germany.

Dr. Kade manufactures and markets pharmaceuticals in the fields of gynecology, andrology, pain, proctology, gastroenterology and vitamins/constituents.

The company roha arzneimittel GmbH is a manufacturer and distributor of high quality natural remedies, cosmetics, medical products and dietary supplements for health maintenance and drugstore, food retail and pharmacy at home and abroad.

Tillotts Pharma, a member of the Japanese pharmaceutical group Zeria, is a fast-growing specialty gastroenterology pharmaceutical company with over 330 employees worldwide. Its medicines and therapy solutions are now available in over 65 countries. Headquartered in Switzerland, Tillotts Pharma AG has a global presence in the field of gastroenterology through subsidiaries, the parent company Zeria and strategic partners.

Syntacoll GmbH has been developing and producing GMP-compliant innovative collagen products for medical or pharmaceutical use since 1992.