Sales management for pharmacies

Discover how easy it is to manage and coordinate your pharmacies - with GUS AIS

Manage the master data of your pharmacies with the help of our windows-based solution and use our automated notification, which supports you in the targeted planning of your visits. In addition, the GUS AIS Call Center ensures seamless communication between office and field staff and thus enables effective planning of appointments. Use the iPad to clearly present your products with all related information and always keep track of your order management. With the help of the integrated daily report, you receive an overview of your working hours and expenses, among other things.


Announce your scheduled visits in a targeted and automated way.

The basis is the visit planning in GUS AIS, which supports them interactively in an intelligent way in compiling an optimal tour.

The notification takes place directly from your planning by fax or by e-mail. Optionally, you can act according to fixed dates by the day, by the week or by a specific subject area.

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order management - GUS-OS Suite - GUS ERP

Order management

Increase effectiveness with GUS AIS

Through comprehensive information, such as stocks and shortages, access to display resolution and parts lists, PZN, direct information from the office staff about order blocking or availability, you achieve high-quality orders. Consequently, rework time and complaints are minimized. Comprehensive functions, such as different delivery address, different delivery dates per order, value date or sample and advertising material management facilitate your order processing.

Visit planning

Fast and effective planning of your pharmacy visits

The visit planning in GUS AISsellcom allows you to easily plan taking into account the current visit specifications and activities in GUS AIS. The integrated map from Google Maps gives you an ideal overview as well as an optimal route calculation and selection.

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product presentation - GUS-OS Suite - GUS ERP

Product presentation

Fast and clear

Present your product range in an appealing way with product images and record the order quantities in one go. Of course, all relevant information about the displayed article is available at a glance.

Call Center

Coordinate the collaboration of your inside and field sales force

The GUS AIS Call Center enables effective planning and execution of your appointments. By providing all customer data relevant for planning and integrating your own contact types including individual call documentation as well as resubmission function, a smooth process is guaranteed.

Your office and field staff are constantly in touch with each other through our team function and seamless communication, avoiding redundancies.

call center - GUS-OS Suite - GUS ERP
daily report - GUS-OS Suite - GUS ERP

Daily Report

Record your absences and expenses seamlessly and without great effort

Log all relevant data in the GUS AIS daily report, such as working time, kilometers driven and absences. Get an individual report tailored to your company with all the information you need.

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