Quality Standards of our  

  ERP Industry Solutions  

Our Understanding of Quality

For us, quality is considered and implemented comprehensively. Specific quality requirements must be met in the areas of customer communication, consulting, product development, project management, service and employees. These have been incorporated into our quality charter.

Supplier Audits

In supplier audits, customers and interested parties review our quality management system. More and more companies, especially from the pharmaceutical industry, follow the recommendations of the GAMP guide, which strongly recommends that pharmaceutical companies conduct supplier audits.

QM Handbook

In 1995, we established our own quality management system and since then, we have continuously expanded and improved it. This applies not only to our products, which are important tools for many of our customers to enforce GMP-compliant processes, but it also applies to the processes within the GUS Group.

DQS Certificate

The German Association for the Certification of Management Systems (DQS) regularly reviews our quality management system: document control, the implementation of the specifications in practice, and the knowledge of the employees about process descriptions, specifications and guidelines. From these assessments, we have also successfully implemented numerous suggestions for process and quality optimization.

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