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GUS-OS Digital Hub – ERP to go!

Flexible Processes of Tomorrow

Connect your GUS-OS Suite with the outside world. The GUS-OS Digital Hub is a cloud-based service that enables you to individually make the processes of your GUS-OS Suite accessible even outside your company. Integrate suppliers, mobile employees, and even machines and IT systems into your ERP environment.

Control Processes on the Go
With the easy-to-understand interface of the web app, you have everything under control – quickly, clearly and flexibly – even on the go. This is ERP to go! Business partners and external employees can use the web app to interact directly with your GUS-OS Suite, and to retrieve, set and update data.

Exchange Data Securely

No master or transaction data is handed over, no sensitive data is stored in the cloud. Only those parts and functions of the ERP system are opened to the outside world that are necessary for communication. And of course, all communication is encrypted.

Administration Made Easy

You manage all functions that are to communicate with the outside world centrally in your GUS-OS Suite and manage access rights conveniently in one place.


More Efficient Workflows

  • Use the GUS-OS Digital Hub to integrate suppliers and receive feedback on delivery dates, batches, or quantities, for example.
  • Integrate contract manufacturers and have consumption information, acquisition postings or order data transferred directly into your processes via the intuitive user interface of the web app.
  • Let your customers become part of your digital business processes. For example, customers can enter forecasts locally, or use the easy-to-use web app to call up information on the order status and batches.
  • Allow employees to access KPIs, issue approvals, retrieve data, or perform mobile expense reporting. Your employees can immediately create reports on the go – including uploading documentation and images.
  • Be already prepared for the Internet of Things (IoT). For example, use the direct data exchange with laboratory equipment of your external partners for automated measurement data acquisition or connect your ERP system with IoT platforms.
  • Include external systems such as online shops in your GUS-OS Suite. In this way, you can e.g. centrally manage quantities, prices, order data and delivery times.
  • Use other cloud systems, e.g. to make predictive analyses of production plants visible in your ERP system or to integrate artificial intelligence and big data applications.

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Benefit from the Clear Advantages of the GUS-OS Digital Hub:

  • Uncomplicated integration of customers, partners and employees into the workflows
  • Mobile use via platform-independent web app
  • Very simple and clear user interface
  • Central administration in the GUS-OS Suite
  • Full control over data release and usage
  • Individual design options for the release of workflows
  • No installation of additional software necessary
  • No data storage outside the company
  • Cloud solution hosted in German data centers
  • Secure and encrypted data exchange
  • Budget-friendly implementation
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