Feature Pack 6.2 is here!

The new package offers a variety of new features:

Guaranteed Updatability

To ensure that GUS-OS Suite users can continue to install free updates in the future, we have not only converted our new Feature Pack to the latest Java version but have also changed the provider at the same time. GUS-OS Suite 6.2 is based on the free OpenJDK.

Modern Production Planning and Control

  • New graphical planning board/ Gantt chart for sequencing production orders
  • GUS-OS MES (Manufacturing Execution System) supports the prompt and direct control of production orders in the GUS-OS Suite.

Communication in Real Time

The new chat function enables integrated communication. All important information about a transaction is bundled at a central point in the ERP system and is comprehensible for all parties involved.

ERP to go

The GUS-OS Digital Hub Service is a cloud-based service that makes it possible to individually make the processes of the GUS-OS Suite available even outside the company. With the web app, ERP data can now be accessed, set, or updated even on the go.

More Security and Compliance

  • Optimization of processes around origin of goods and preferences
  • Integration of the serialization procedures into the ERP process
  • Connection to the NGDA pharmacy server
  • Electronic verification of the VAT ID number

New Industry-Specific Features

With a multitude of additional, industry-specific features, business processes can now be further optimized with GUS-OS 6.2. Improvements in areas such as contract manufacturing, price determination, condition agreements, and warehouse logistics create more transparency and accelerate processes.

Improved Quality Control

  • Batch release optimization
  • New Feature Bit “GUS-OS Laboratory Master Specifications”
  • Graphic proof of batch origin is possible
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