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ERP for the Chemical Industry

Manufacturers and distributors in the specialty and fine chemicals industry are constantly facing new challenges. They must combine short development cycles and multi-stage production processes with restrictive statutory provisions and stringent certification requirements. And above all processes, high demands are placed on quality, logistics and environmental management. This is exactly where we come in with the GUS-OS Suite. Company-specific processes can be modeled individually for each customer based on the provided industry processes and integrated into the ERP solution, simply and flexibly.

Process Control Along the Supply Chain

Our customers also use the fully integrated workflow management of the GUS-OS Suite to control their complex dynamic supply chains in an efficient and closely coordinated way. This allows for customized order management with wholesale and retail, and a fast reaction to commodity markets.

Best Practice Solution for the Chemical Industry

The following industry features are mapped by the GUS-OS Suite solution kit as an example:

  • Convenient formula administration
  • Multi-stage product development
  • Batch analyses at all stages
  • Easy tracking of batches
  • End-to-end batch documentation
  • Mapping of statutory provisions such as REACH, Chemicals Act, GxP Guidelines, GLP Directive, GHS
  • Hazardous substance management with safety data sheet
  • Warehouse management of hazardous substances
  • Transportation of hazardous substances


  • Formula administration
  • Customer-related production filling disposition
  • Package inventory management
  • Hazardous substance management

Chemicals References

GUS solutions in use: Take a look at our references from the chemicals sector!

Declaring Hazardous Substances Correctly and Transporting them Safely

The GUS-OS Suite provides appropriate workflows for the management of hazardous substances and for the declaration of hazardous substances as part of the REACH process. The information transfer in the supply chain required by the EU chemicals regulation REACH is thereby fulfilled. Even before they are placed on the market for the first time, the GUS-OS Suite compiles information on hazardous substances in solid materials in the form of material data sheets.

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