Benefit from our ERP project experience of over 40 years. In addition to our process-oriented solution GUS-OS ERP, as industry experts we also assist you with consulting and other services. With a focus on dialog, partnership and sustainability.

Fixed Teams

Every customer is supported by a regionally assigned customer service team of consultants, developers, service staff and a fixed main contact person. This creates the basis for a comprehensive customer support and for a continuous customer dialog and flow of information on product innovations, changes in legislation, etc.

Clever Minds for Smart Solutions

Our consultants have in-depth industry and specialist knowledge and, in some cases, many years of management experience in your industry. Our aim is to develop and implement sustainable solutions and improvements for your company.

At the same time, we are happy to lighten your IT department’s workload and, with our IT/ infrastructure consulting, provide assistance in ensuring high performance scalability and stability in ongoing operations at all times.

Using Existing Solutions and Developing them Further

An essential basis of our consulting approach is the permanent screening of current and future challenges in our customers’ industries. These findings, as well as the experience gained from a large number of projects, are incorporated into our industry-specific best practice models.

These best practice models include examples of event-driven process chains for a wide variety of company functions as well as industry-specific demo systems based on GUS-OS ERP including fully integrated business intelligence.

As part of our consulting services, we show you specific starting points for the optimization and improvement of the flow of goods, values and information based on these best practice models.

Quickly to the Point

In order to quickly identify potential, we offer a variety of modular short analyses along the value chain. We analyze quickly and comprehensively. You decide when to tackle a specific topic. In any case we provide you with clear recommendations for action and help you to implement them.

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