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Alpenhain GmbH & Co.KG

The family business Alpenhain processes a quarter of a million liters of daily fresh alpine milk from local farmers into cheese specialties. A variety of cheese products for baking and toasting as well as Obazda specialties are supplied to customers in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and over 40 other countries.

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Blaser Café AG

The core activity of Blasercafé AG is the production and distribution of high-quality roast coffee in Switzerland and abroad as well as the provision of conceptual and training support for customers in the coffee sector.

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Droste B.V.

Founded in 1863, Droste B.V. manufactures high-quality chocolate products that are exported to over 60 countries worldwide. The Droste brand is one of the best-known ones in the Netherlands. Popular products include Droste pastilles, cocoa and gift boxes.

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Otto Beier Waffelfabrik GmbH

Otto Beier Waffelfabrik GmbH is one of Germany’s largest and leading manufacturers of the finest wafers. With over 75 years of tradition, the company produces wafers and granola bars of outstanding quality for trade and industry.

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Horst Bode Import-Export GmbH

Horst Bode Import-Export GmbH stands for experience and expertise in organic food. The company has been active in the import, processing and packaging of soft fruit and dried fruit chips as well as nut kernels and seeds for over 40 years.

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August Ernst GmbH & Co. KG

The traditional family business August Ernst GmbH & Co. KG offers a wide range of fruit, herbal and cream liqueurs as well as fruit brandies in addition to wheat schnapps specialties. Oldesloer Weizenkorn is one of the best-selling corn schnapps brands in Germany.

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Biomaris GmbH & Co.KG

For about 80 years Biomaris GmbH & Co. KG has been representing “health & beauty from the sea.” All products are based on valuable active ingredients from the sea, such as unique deep water of the sea, sea salt and seaweed.

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J. Bünting Teehandelshaus GmbH

Bünting Teehandelshaus GmbH was founded in 1806 and is the oldest private tea trading company in East Frisia, Germany. The range of products has been extended by an organic tea assortment and various herbal and fruit teas in traditionally first-class quality, so that more and more markets throughout Germany are offering their customers these high-quality teas.

intertee - GUS-OS Suite - GUS ERP

interTee GmbH

interTee is a tea lover, tea importer and tea composer. As an international tea wholesaler, the company is characterized by particularly innovative product ideas and a company-owned production facility in Hamburg. interTee has been offering tradition since 1967.

eisbaer - GUS-OS Suite - GUS ERP

Eisbär Eis GmbH

Eisbär Eis produces over 1 million ice cream portions every day, including popsicles, ice cream cakes, bars, sandwiches and mini cones. Around 200 employees, working in three shifts around the clock, produce a total of over 200 different articles.

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Neni am Tisch GmbH

Neni am Tisch GmbH operates restaurants in Vienna, Berlin, Zurich, Munich and Hamburg, and since 2018 also in Paris, Amsterdam, Mallorca and Cologne. They supply 1,600 Spar and Edeka stores as well as Rewe stores in Austria and Germany with their NENI products. The company mainly offers high-quality and vegan convenience products.

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Neni GmbH

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Pickerd GmbH & Co. KG

Pickerd GmbH & Co. KG is one of the leading companies in the German market for baking and decoration specialties. The production takes place in Germany at the company location in Burgwedel near Hannover.

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Husarich GmbH

Husarich GmbH is a supplier and manufacturer of spices, herbs, teas, dried vegetables and nuts. The company processes only natural raw materials without additives and to the requirements of the customer.

mymuesli Flatter - GUS-OS Suite - GUS ERP

Among other things, the GUS-OS Suite convinces with a continuous process control in production, formula, B2B and retail management as well as in logistics. Web capability and platform independence guarantee fast availability.

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mymuesli GmbH

mymuesli GmbH offers muesli in organic quality via the internet, its own shops, retail trade and a B2B distribution channel. An online mixer can be used to compile 566 quadrillion different muesli variations individually.

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Gebr. Jancke GmbH

For more than 60 years, Gebrüder Jancke GmbH and its 40 employees have been producing semi-finished products such as nut preparations, creams, dragées, brittle, sesame/poppy seeds and fat glazes for the food industry. A high-quality level of raw materials and sustainability are important components of the company philosophy.

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Tri d’Aix GmbH

As an internationally active importer and distributor, Tri d‘Aix is one of the leading suppliers of over 120 varieties of fruit gums.

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VFI GmbH is the market leader for high-quality edible oils and fats in Austria. The traditional family business employs 180 people and places great emphasis on sustainable production and environmental protection. The production facility is certified according to IFS.

At VFI we invest in the future and build on growth in a difficult market. A core element of this is the GUS-OS Suite.

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Salomon Hitburger GmbH

Salomon Hitburger is a pioneer for finger food. As a specialist for hamburger brands, the meat processor and specialist in products for eating out supplies well-known fast food chains via its sales company Salomon FoodWorld.

Valenzi - GUS-OS Suite - GUS ERP

Valenzi GmbH

Valenzi is a producer of high-quality preserved mushrooms, wild berries and soup additions. The company offers products in jars, cans and deep-frozen products for quality-conscious consumers.

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Wernsing Feinkost GmbH

Wernsing Feinkost GmbH is one of the leading manufacturers of French fries (fresh and deep-frozen), deep-frozen potato specialties, freshly packed potato products, convenience articles, salads, sauces, dressings, marinades and desserts.

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