Cosmetics References

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Biomaris GmbH & Co.KG

For about 80 years Biomaris GmbH & Co. KG has been representing “health & beauty from the sea.” All products are based on valuable active ingredients from the sea, such as unique deep water of the sea, sea salt and seaweed.

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M. Opitz + Co. AG

Opitz + Co. AG is a Swiss manufacturer of cosmetics and pharmaceutical products. The company is now firmly positioned among Europe’s contract manufacturers and outsourcing partners and produces global brands in St. Gallen.

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Dr. Grandel GmbH

With its premium brands, Dr. Grandel GmbH revitalizes the joy of beauty and health every day. The internationally operating beauty company relies on its own laboratories, its own production and logistics and its own field service organization.

Helmut Dupp
Dr. Grandel GmbH

Supplier Audits Cosmetics

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Troll Cosmetic GmbH

Karl Troll from Schwarzach, Austria, founded his own cosmetics production in 1990. The company owns the worldwide known cosmetics brands Declaré, Juvena and Marlies Möller. By now, the Troll family business sells around six million care products a year.

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Rufin cosmetic GmbH

Rufin cosmetic GmbH is a Europe-wide cosmetics provider (Swiss-o-Par) with headquarters in Hannover. The product range focuses on special hair care products, conditioners and shampoos as well as special nail care and decorative cosmetics articles.