Magnesia Success Story

Magnesia Plans With the GUS-OS Suite

Magnesia GmbH, based in Lüneburg, and a global supplier of high-quality magnesium and calcium compounds for the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, food and chemical-technical industries, will be planning their business processes with the GUS Group’s GUS-OS Suite. The company, with 30 employees and an annual tonnage of chemical materials of 15,000 tons handled at two sites in Germany and Switzerland, relies primarily on the consistency between resource planning in the company (ERP) and financial accounting in the GUS-OS Suite. Magnesia is a 30-year-old company with a tradition dating back more than a thousand years. As the successor of the Lüneburger Saline (saltworks), which was first mentioned in 956, the Magnesia Group has concentrated on expertise in the handling of mineral materials from the very beginning. The two sites in Germany (Lüneburg) and Switzerland (Magnesia AG in Münchenstein) are now engaged in worldwide trade, mainly in magnesium and calcium compounds.

In order to be able to control the steady growth in Europe, the software company GUS Group, which specializes in solutions for the process industry, was selected to design integrated business processes with the GUS-OS Suite. “In addition to the industry knowledge of the GUS employees, we were particularly impressed by the application-integrated workflow management of the GUS-OS-Suite,” explained[JD1]  Markus Coding, sales manager at Magnesia. “It allows us to achieve security in the business process, while the workflow design allows us to make changes in the business process flow flexibly”. One of the special features of the solutions is that they permit access to the same warehouse from both Switzerland and Germany. For this purpose, the stocks must be managed across companies. A further benefit of integration is that a uniform, end-to-end software suite can now replace previous isolated solutions and thus overcome media disruptions in the process flow.

 [JD1]Hier fehlt im Original ein „t“ bei „erklärte“.

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