KARACHO Success Story

Stable Software Basis for “Cold Brew Coffee”

The start-up KARACHO produces cold brew coffee, a new coffee trend in Germany and worldwide. The prompt sales success allows the company to continue to grow rapidly, which is why it introduced the GUS-OS Suite, an integrated ERP system that ensures a stable basis for this growth.

The Opportunity

Over the past ten years, the turnover of the family roasting company Kaffee Braun has almost doubled. Since 2016, the start-up and subsidiary KARACHO of the two brothers Jonas and Oliver Braun has been contributing to this growth. It specializes in “cold brew coffee,” which KARACHO sells online and through large retail chains. More recently, the company has used many different isolated applications for its operations, many of them purely Excel-based. In addition to that, a lot of knowledge was only in the minds of the employees. It was therefore necessary to replace the numerous isolated applications with a holistic system that can map all workflows completely in addition to mapping the special features of the food industry (process industry) as well as the various industry-specific regulations – above all for the traceability of all raw materials.

Redesigned IT

KARACHO/Kaffee Braun opted for the GUS-OS Suite, an ERP solution of the GUS Group. During the introduction of the solution, KARACHO oriented itself very much towards the specified standards of the ERP system and also reorganized its own company processes in this way. The company invested primarily in the definition of these workflows and the creation of all master data. First, the GUS OS-Suite went live at the start-up KARACHO and thus served as a pilot project, whose learning effects could then be incorporated into the rollout of the entire company. The solution primarily supports purchasing, production, materials management/warehouse, dispatch/picking, sales, invoicing and financial accounting. Connecting the online shop is in preparation. A classic specification sheet was not necessary, as the coffee specialist was very close to the standard of the ERP system. The user training also went quickly, because the GUS-OS Suite is web-based and offers intuitive as well as workflow-based user interfaces.

Fit for the Future

KARACHO/Kaffee Braun benefits mainly from the following advantages:

  • Thanks to the GUS-OS Suite, KARACHO/Kaffee Braun’s business processes are standardized, transparent and secure.
  • The workflows have become significantly faster and are much less prone to error than before.
  • The job layout in the company has changed – from generalists to specialists. Among other things, this makes it easier to introduce new employees to the company.
  • Managing directors can delegate many tasks and concentrate on strategic topics such as corporate planning.
  • The GUS-OS Suite provides a stable basis for the company, since the standardized workflows can be easily scaled.
  • The company can continuously implement process improvements and automate additional, still manual processes.
  • Thanks to a complete documentation, organic, fair trade, and other certifications are carried out quickly, reliably and effortlessly.
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