Käse Lehmann Success Story

IT Basis for Further Company Growth

Traditional sour milk cheese and new cheese salad creations have helped Käse Lehmann to grow steadily. As a result, operation and production have also become more complex. The newly introduced GUS-OS Suite now makes it possible to map and control all processes in a stable manner, largely automatically.

The Opportunity

The focus on cheese production and successful new products ensured that the traditional company Käse Lehmann has been able to increase its growth by about 50 percent since 2010. This has had an impact on the company’s IT: With the success, the requirements have become more complex, for example, price labelling according to customer wishes. In addition, considerably more data is generated than before because the company processes more raw materials. Mapping all these requirements in the existing IT with its scattered and outdated isolated systems was not an option. Käse Lehman quickly realized that the company needed a new, centralized solution that would map and combine all required functions – in the form of an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution.

Redesigned IT

Käse Lehmann opted for GUS-OS Suite after looking at various practical installations in companies. In addition to the clear industry orientation, the decisive factor in favor of the ERP solution of the GUS Group was the fact that the users can work very independently with the system. Thus, for example, daily reports or new forms can be created easily without any help from the support. The workflow engine of the GUS-OS Suite shows its strengths above all with rapidly changing requirements in everyday operations. Thanks to the easy-to-use Manufacturing Execution system (MES), the very small batches and frequent product changes at Käse Lehmann can be managed, and production processes can be completed quickly by mouse click. Other internal processes have also been improved: For example, the system provides all the information needed to trace used raw materials and comply with legal requirements within a few minutes.

Fit for the Future

The comprehensive and individually adaptable ERP system GUS-OS Suite ensures that Käse Lehmann can continue its growth course on a stable IT basis:

  • Scattered isolated systems have been replaced by the central ERP system, which covers all areas from office to production.
  • Company and production processes run faster and more stable, and thanks to fine-granular data, they are also of better quality.
  • Largely automated operation: GUS-OS supports many processes that were previously paper-based. Postings run largely automated and batch-oriented.
  • The new system allows for more flexibility in production planning. Instead of printed to-do lists, electronic production planning is used, which can be quickly adapted to new production and order requirements.
  • Workflows become more efficient and faster due to the elimination of manual processes.
  • Employees can be specifically introduced to their respective work steps without much training effort.
  • Better compliance and traceability: All required information can be provided at the push of a button
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